Repost From Medium: Collecting Opinions on Climate Change
Reposted from Medium Article

Reposted from Medium Article

This post is from a Medium article written by and for two partners in the Great American Debate (The Foundation for Digital Peace Talks and Timothy High of Canonical Debate Lab) who are donating content, tech, and talent to this project.

Article Repost:

The Foundation for Digital Peace Talks, one of the founding members of the Canonical Debate Lab, is currently collecting statements from the public related to possible actions on climate change.

While hearing from a variety of opinions is interesting enough, the goal is not to find the one true solution to this problem. Rather, this information will be used as (anonymous) test data for a number of different projects related to the Canonical Debate Lab and its members.

Some of our initial responses are already being used as test data for creating machine learning algorithms designed for automatically grouping related opinions on a topic of debate. Another one of our group members is currently working on developing visualization techniques for these groupings of solutions and arguments. These responses will also be incorporated into sample data sets for new versions of The Canonical Debate. And there are other projects coming up in the near future related to the problem of climate change itself — stay tuned!

If you would like to add your opinion to the growing collection of insights and inspirations, please visit the page below, and send us what you think should be done about this issue. It will help in more ways than you can imagine!

Every opinion counts
500 opinions about climate change - visualized to show a clear

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